A clean water source...

Clean drinking water for many around the world is not available.  We have been able to ship an 800 gallon tank and submersible pump to Haiti.  Although there is a hand-dug well, in order for it to produce cleaner water it had to be dug deeper. 

This orphanage is fortunate to have a gas powered generator that will be able to run the pump in order to fill the tank. A full tank should be able to last two weeks. All drinking water will then be gravity drained into a bio-sand filtration system which will provide much better quality water.

As you can see below, the hired laborers had to physically climb down the hand-dug well to dig it deeper. After 2-3 days of digging, they were finally able to find CLEAN WATER!!!

We have been able to purchase all needed equipment and also pay for the labor to install the water platform tower, new pump, and all conduit!!!

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