Allie Powell Missions provided the following with your support:

1. A clean and sealed up food storage pantry with shelving along with large plastic storage containers which will allow the orphanage to be able to store food and grain so that they can begin to accumilate food for future meals instead of living from week to week.

2. A kitchen where food can be adequately prepared on clean surfaces with a stainless sink for washing all the dishes properly. We have also purchased a three burner propane stovetop for the kitchen!

3. A cafeteria with picnic benches for all the orphans to comfortably sit above the rocks and dirt. This also serves as an afterschool learning center for the orphans as well as the neighborhood children who need love and nurturing.

Please take some time to view the slideshow below. You will truly see just what type of transformation happens when you give towards projects such as these!

Allie Powell Missions

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