What ELSE is Allie doing in Heaven?

by JeffPowell 7. August 2012 14:46

Last week I wrote about some of the things I believe my 13 year old daughter Allie is experiencing in Heaven.  Here is what else I know she is experiencing...


  • No night.  Radiant light from Jesus shines constantly.  There is no sun nor moon.  There is only pure, wonderful light from Jesus (Revelation 21:23 & 22:5).


  • No separation.  She is perfectly united with God.  She sees God.  There is no longer any hindrance to her comprehension and understanding of God.  She is in His presence and is fully aware of His purpose and plans (2 Corinthians 5:8; Revelation 22:4).


  • No pain or sickness or sorrow.  Allie does not hurt.  Her body does not tire.  Her emotions feel no sorrow.  The result of sin has been removed.  She is experiencing perfection at its fullest all because of Jesus (Revelation 21:4)!


Don’t you long for Heaven?  Do you know for sure that you will go to Heaven?  The reality is that not everyone will arrive at the place called Heaven.  Many will spend eternity in the place the Bible calls Hell.  


The truthful reality is that there is only ONE WAY to the place called Heaven.  All paths DO NOT lead to Heaven.  There is no such thing as “finding your own way” to Heaven.  The Bible is very clear on this (see John 14:6).  


I hope that you will take the ONE WAY to Heaven.  Please visit www.alliepowellmissions.com and click AMP UP.


Loving and Leading,


Jeff Powell


What is Allie doing in Heaven?

by JeffPowell 1. August 2012 14:06

Eternity has always amazed me.  “Forever” with no ending in sight, is hard to get my mind around.

Now that my 13 year old daughter Allie is in Heaven, I am more intrigued with eternity than ever before.  I wonder, “what is Allie doing today in Heaven?” 

I cannot answer that question specifically, but I can share some of what I do know she is experiencing in Heaven...

  • A new body.  She has an actual form with features that resemble her features here on this earth, except with no flaw whatsoever and in the original way God created her (1 Corinthians 15:40).


  • The ability to still see what is happening on earth.  The Bible speaks about people that have gone to Heaven as a “great cloud of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1).  And there are instances of those that have died, re-appearing and being aware of the present day reality (see Matthew 17:1-3).  In some way, Allie is still aware of what is happening here.


  • Being with past family members and friends, some of whom she never met on earth.  Heaven is a great “reunion” of sorts with joy, happiness, excitement, and perfection.  I believe that Allie is with her little brother that was never born, her great-grandfather she never met, and many others.

Are you ready for Heaven?  If you are unsure, please visit www.alliepowellmissions.com and read the AMP up section.

Loving and Leading,

Jeff Powell


Jane Powell

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